Keybreeze 5.7 doesn't remember position of its popup window

I installed Keybreeze 5.7 on two Windows 10 computers (one on 20H2, the other on 21H1). On both machines I experience the same issue.

When I activate the hotkey, the Keybreeze popup is in the middle of the screen. Then I pull the window to the screen position I want it, and for this one interaction the window stays in the new position. But when I activate the hotkey the next time, the window is in the middle of the screen again. I can't seem to manage to make the window stick to the position I want it at.

What am I missing? The positioning worked without a problem with Keybreeze 3.6, the previous version I used.

Thank you for any tips to solve that issue.


Andrew Langford   1 year ago

Press the Keybreeze hotkey, type options, and press Enter. Click the Skin tab, and then check the 'Remember position when user manually drags the window' setting. That should do the trick.

kbre   1 year ago
Thank you, Andrew, it does!