Search Google with any selected text

How can I search Google with any selected text from within any application using a hotkey?

For e.g., if I am working in Microsoft Word or Notepad and if I select some text, can I press a hotkey which will search Google for that selected text?



Andrew Langford   11 months ago

You can't really do that with a single hotkey, but you can select the text, press CTRL + C, press the Keybreeze hotkey, press CTRL + V, and press Enter. If it's an unrecognized command, it will search the web for that entry by default. If you have a lot of saved keywords, it may autoselect one of your existing ones. If that happens, you can press and a space after you press the hotkey, and then press CTRL + V. The prefix will invoke the letter command to search the web. These can be configured by typing options as a keyword or by typing add as a keyword and then pressing the Letter Command tab.

SagittariusA   11 months ago
Thanks! There were some programs that would do that such as AimingClick, KallOut, and Transfz but were discontinued. As we all search Google all the time, I believe having a global hotkey is immensely useful!