Link for activating additional computers.

Bought the Pro version (activate on 3 computers).

Activated the first computer, but the next day when I went to activate another machine - I could not find the 'activate link' (to get to the page where you paste in the license code etc).Searched through my email and could not find the link. Search through the website and could not find it (I kinda expected it to be linked to profile ?). Eventually had to go through my browser history to find it - so got there in the end...

Did I miss something obvious ?



Andrew Langford   5 years ago

After you purchase it on PayPal, there will be a 'Return to Merchant' button. When you click that, it will direct you to the page to activate your license. There is a note on that page to copy the URL and use it to activate other machines, but this can be easy to miss. I'm working on an email notification that will include the activation link immediately after you purchase it on PayPal, so that will make this process a bit easier.

Feel free to use the Contact page if you run into any issues with the license.

jcoalson   4 years ago
well I guess I missed it and really need the link to activate.
Andrew Langford   4 years ago
I just emailed you an activation link.