Highlight of choices

When I get a list of choices of programs, its close to impossible to see which one is highlighted and well be run when hitting return.

While clicking with the mouse and choosing launch works fine, using the keyboard arrow keys to select a program is very difficult without a visible highlight.

See attached Example.

I tried several of the skins, but none seemed to fix this problem.

Any suggestions?






Andrew Langford   6 years ago

Hi James,

I just published a new skin that has more contrast for the highlight. It's called 2017, and you can download it here -- https://keybreeze.com/forum/post/42/2017

If you want to change the contrast for a different skin, open the C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Keybreeze5\skins\[skin name]\settings.ini file in Notepad, and adjust the highlightcolor line to the following:


Then close and reopen Keybreeze.

James Thompson   6 years ago
Thanks so much! 2017 is better, but still a little hard for me to distinguish, but the 2017 cool skin is great! Also glad to know what to tweak in the settings file to adjust the highlight. Thanks again.