denies me sync saying I do not have license fofr it

"You do not have the necessary license to run Keybreeze sync on this machine."

What beyond Keybreeze Pro license is needed?


Andrew Langford   6 years ago

Hi David,

It looks like you may have been logged out when you purchased a license for Keybreeze Pro, so it didn't get associated to your account. I just associated it, so you should see it now when you go to Try going there to activate Keybreeze Pro on your machine. Then you should be able to log into Sync.



Andrew Langford   6 years ago
Also, for your awareness, I'm going to release a new version this weekend to fix a couple bugs with Keybreeze Sync. One of these bugs involves a blank row that appears when you press the hotkey and run 'sync this device'. You should only run that command if you want to copy your settings from one machine to another one. If you want to upload your settings to the Keybreeze website, press the hotkey and type 'Options'. Click the Sync tab. Then check the box to run Keybreeze Sync on this machine. You will see a KS icon in the system tray that indicates that it's running. The other bug involves an error if your folders.json file is empty. If you get this error, try editing any one of your keywords, and add a folder for it. That will populate the folders.json file, and that should eliminate that error. Both bugs should be fixed in the new version this weekend, but you can follow the above steps to work around them in the current version.
Bruno Doring   6 years ago
Hi Andrew, I seem to be having the same problems with Sync. Even though I have a licensed Machine (3 actually) it is telling me I am not licensed.
Andrew Langford   6 years ago
Hi Bruno, can you please try this again? I updated your account so that it supports Sync.