"Quotation Marks in Google Searches"

Previously i could search google with quotation marks. i.e. "John Smith" Ogden, Ut.....and get the resuts with John Smith , Ogden, Ut. Since i i uprgraded to 5,5. i will only get the search results for John.....will only get the search for the first word after the first quotation mark. The quotation mark is obvioulsy restricting the search....Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks


Andrew Langford   6 years ago

I'm not able to reproduce that behvaior on the latest version using Chrome, but it may be an issue with other browsers. Please try the following:

1. Press the Keybreeze hotkey, type add, and press Enter.

2. Click the Letter Command tab, select the 's' letter command, or whatever you are using to search. Then click Change.

3. Under Character Replacement Options, replace with %22.

Let me know if that works.

John9x   6 years ago
Thanks for your time ...believe i followed your instructions correctly...went to letter command tab (s) and changed to %22.....and made the change and did search. Same results...only first word after quotaton mark. Same problem with Duck search. Using Vivaldi and changed default setting from Opera 12. Before your reply i did a complete uninstall , reinstall...and still had the same problem....Went back to default Opera 12 and same ....only first word after Quotation mark. Thanks again.
John9x   6 years ago
Not really sure what is going on, but believe the problem is just on my pc. Upgraded KB on another PC with win7 32bit and program is flawless....This PC with win 7 64 bit using Vivaldi and Opera 12 just can not handle a search in d, s, or w using quotation marks. Only get the first word after the first quotation mark in all three search types'' So thank you for your time, but will just live with this glitch. Just have to add another step in some searches....Still a great program....