Open Control Panel

How can I have Keybreeze open individual control panel items?

Specifically, can it open the system control panel? Currently, it only seems to open the control panel folder, but I can't find a way to index the items in the folder. 


Andrew Langford   6 years ago

Here is one way to do it:

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Search for 'System'. Right-click it and click Create Shortcut. It should create a shortcut on your Desktop.
3. Move the System shortcut to a backup folder, such as C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\control_panel_shortcuts. Rename the shortcut to 'system'.
4. Press the hotkey and type 'add' as a keyword. Give the keyword a name, such as 'system - control panel'. For the target, specify the path to the shortcut, such as:

C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\control_panel_shortcuts\system.lnk

5. Save the keyword. When you press the hotkey, type it, and press Enter, it should launch that Control Panel applet.

jah   6 years ago
So there is no way to index the control panel?
Andrew Langford   6 years ago
There should be a preset keyword to open Control Panel. If you don't have it, type add as a keyword. Then add a keyword called control panel with a target of preset:control panel.