Programme Safety

Hi there, I quite like the features of this programme and have heard good reviews. However, I am concerned about how safe programme is as installing such a programme on a work machine comes with some risks, I guess. I was wondering if there are any assurances available such as open source code or independent certification that provide some comfort that the programme is safe. Thanks in advance. 

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Andrew Langford   6 years ago

Thanks for your concern. Keybreeze has been downloaded over 75,000 times from this website and from CNET It's received almost 100 reviews from, and there are a variety of reviews and questions posted on this website as well. If you are concerned about the safety, you can scan Keybreeze with any antivirus or antimalware utility. Some antimalware utilities have flagged the Macro Recorder as a potential risk in the past, but this is a false positive. It was flagged because it lets you record your mouse clicks and keystrokes and play them back at a later time, which some antimalware utilities might mistake for a keylogger. To ease concerns about this, I posted the source code for the Macro Recorder at

Please let me know if you have any remaining concerns.