Jim Ward

Can I add a Windows App to Keybreeze?

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Andrew Langford   4 years ago

Hi Jim,

Yes, you can add a Windows app to Keybreeze. To do this for desktop apps, you can click the Start button and type the app's name. For example, you can type Notepad. Right-click the selection and click Open File Location. This should open a new window. You can then right-click Notepad and click 'Add keyword to Keybreeze'.

To do this for modern apps, such as Camera, the steps are a bit different. If you don't have the 'Open File Location' option mentioned above, try the following.

1. Click the Windows Start button, type Command Prompt, and press Enter.

2. Type explorer shell:AppsFolder and press Enter. This should open a new window.

3. Right-click the app and click Create shortcut. This should put the shortcut on your desktop.

4. Move the shortcut to another folder so that it doesn't stay on the Desktop. You can right-click the shortcut on the Desktop and click Cut. Then go to your Documents folder and create a new folder called shortcuts. Go into the shortcuts folder and paste the shortcut there.

5. Press the Keybreeze hotkey and type Add. Give the keyword a name. For the target, type the location of the shortcut, followed by .lnk. Shortcuts in Windows are essentially .lnk files. As an example, your keyword could look like this:

Keyword: Camera

Target: C:\Users\andrew\Documents\shortcuts\Camera - Shortcut.lnk


On your machine, you would want to replace "andrew" with your username, and the app name may be different as well.

If you have any questions please let me know.