Keybreeze work with Remote Desktop?


I am not able to call up KB with the Hotkey working remotely. Is there a work around for this?

KB is installed on a Win10 and works fine. I am connecting to that computer with MS Remote Desktop web client.





Andrew Langford   4 years ago

Hi Steve,

Keybreeze uses the RegisterHotKey Windows API call to set a hotkey on the local OS. I'm not sure if this API call can be recognized from an RDP session, but out of curiousity, have you tried this with the Remote Desktop Connection utility in Windows (mstsc) instead of with the web client? 



stfuqua   4 years ago
Well, as soon as I asked that my employer set us up with a VPN and everything works fine. And unfortunately a lot of that is alphabet soup to me. :/ Thanks for the prompt reply!