Keybreeze won't open

All of a suden, Keybreeze won't open. Icon is there. Pops up when the Windows key is pressed, but does nothing. Also I can't find my license key.

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Andrew Langford   4 years ago

Hi John, are you saying that you when you press the hotkey, Keybreeze Desktop appears, but you can't type anything in the window? Have you tried rebooting your machine to see if that fixes the problem? If you can't type anything in the window, or the window appears unresponsive, force closing it and reopening it, or rebooting your machine, may fix the issue.

Another possibility is that the files that store the settings got corrupted, and that's causing it to appear unresponsive. You can navigate to %appdata% and back up the Keybreeze5 folder to a separate location. Once the folder is backed up, uninstall Keybreeze Desktop from Control Panel > Programs and Features (do not retain the existing settings). Then install it again. That should install it with the default settings that work. You could then close the application and restore your settings from the backup location to the %appdata%\Keybreeze5 folder to see if they work or if the problem comes back.

Regarding your license key, please click the Contact link on the website and include the details there. I will respond and get the license key working again.