Moved to New PC


I moved to a new PC and I have two issues.  The email address converter and opeing files in network locations.  Both of these worked perfectly previously.  Will appreciate your help to get these going!

Thanks and regards,



Andrew Langford   11 months ago

Hi Steve,

If you moved to a new PC, the Email Address Converter must be downloaded separately, which you can do so here -- If you already downloaded the Email Address Converter and are getting an error, please let me know what that error is.

Are you getting an error when opening files in network locations? Or is it taking a long time? If the latter, try the following --

stfuqua   10 months ago

Both errors give the same error message "Path does not exist". So I realized the Email Converter Zip extract wasn't extracted to the Keybreeze folder. I moved the folder there and it works like magic. :) I haven't figured out the network file/folder issue. No matter how I create the Keyword, either by browsing in the ADD mode or by selecting the file/folder in file explorer and right clicking to select "Add Keyword to Keybreeze Desktop" it fails to open the file/folder afterward. The issue is with a network file/folder, not on my PC.  Thanks, Steve

stfuqua   10 months ago
BTW, I have also tried the work around for launching network files/folders by adding "c:\windows\explorer.exe \\" to the path, but it only opens Explorer and never the folder/file. Any help appreciated! Thanks.
stfuqua   10 months ago
As long as I'm throwing stuff at you, often when I open LIST and ADD at the same time the program crashes.
Andrew Langford   10 months ago
For the network folder, if you press the Windows key + R and paste the same target there, e.g. c:\windows\explorer.exe \\machine-name, does that work? If the target matches between the Run dialog box and the Target text field of Keybreeze Desktop, it should work from both. If it doesn't work from both, it could be due to Windows permissions. Keybreeze Desktop could be running as a different user or with a different set of permissions from the Run dialog box, or there could be something else at play, like UAC or third party software, that is blocking Keybreeze Desktop from accessing that network folder. Does it work if you open a network folder from the same machine, e.g. c:\windows\explorer.exe \\ If that works, it would indicate that something is blocking Keybreeze Desktop from accessing the original network folder. For the crashing issue when running the 'list' and 'add' keywords, I haven't heard of that happening before. If you run them by themselves, everything works fine? Is it only when you run the 'list' keyword first, and then you run the 'add' keyword after that? Or are you pressing the 'Add' button from the List window?
stfuqua   10 months ago
1)Network Folder- Win+R is a no-go as well. 2)The crash issue occurred again today. I think it occurs when I add new Text Function and then look it up in List to make a change with both windows (Add/List) open. I took a screen shot of the error box entitled "Command List". Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. blah, blah, blah. Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index.
Andrew Langford   10 months ago
If Win+R doesn't work either, it is likely a Windows permission issue. You might try mapping the network folder to a drive letter. That may cause Windows to display an error that explains what the problem is. Regarding the crash that occurs when making a change to a text function, I'm not able to reproduce that issue. Would you be able to send me a screenshot of the error and the windows that are open behind it? I can send you an email if you want to respond to that with the screenshot.