shortcut to create macros

hi, I want to create macros with Keybreeze (5.6 pro), but somehow the entry was corrupted, so when I type macros [create], something completely different happens.

Does anyone know to which exactly refers the command macros [create] , so that I can restore the right command (using the "list" function)? 

I did find a "Keyboard Macro Recorder.exe" on my pc, but that belongs to an ancient version of Keybreeze so won't work with 5.6.

Thank you very much!




Andrew Langford   10 months ago

If you right-click the macros [create] keyword and click Edit, or if you select the keyword from the Command List and click Edit, the target should be the following.

preset:macros [create]

If you save that, press the hotkey, and run the keyword, it will try to run the following.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Keybreeze5\Keybreeze Macro Recorder.exe

If that file doesn't exist, you can download it from and move it to that directory.

Franklyck   10 months ago
Thanks! The file was missing indeed. Downloading it solved the problem. Frank