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I installed the 5.5 version to my other computer. However, I am lost trying to set the size and position of windows. I can't find the function in the app, and I can't find information on how to do it. There used to be some kind of help file online, but I can't find that either.
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6 years ago

I understand that  your Keybreeze responds differently than mine does to an unrecognized command. I am using Keybreeze 4, which on my system opens the browser - in spite of it being set to return an error - and tries to find a matching url. I just have to be more careful. :)

As for Autoindex. I deliberately turned it off because it didn't work and gave me these two errors:

1st a StreamWriter error: Unhandled exception has occured yaddah, yaddah . . . The process cannot access the file 'C:\Users\Kelly\AppData\Roaming\Keybreeze4\autoindex\files.txt' because it is being used by another process.

2nd a Keybreeze error: Keybreeze was unable to open the file, C:\Users\Kelly\AppData\Roaming\Keybreeze4\autoindex\files.txt, for writing. Please make sure that you have read and write permission in Windows for this directory. I did and do have read and write permissions.

I am not really concerned about the Autoindex function. I only included the information b...
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7 years ago

I have it set to Display Error. Unfortunately that is not what happens. Autoindex doesn't work either. However, I don't care about using that function.

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7 years ago
Thanks. I'll be watching for it. Of all my little helpful software, I've always loved Keybreeze the most. And while I'm here, I'd like to ask another question. I liked the original way of looking for something online, typing an s first. In my current version, no s is required, so whenever I make a typo, my browser pops up and I never know where I will be taken, maybe someplace I'd never want to go. :) Is that true of later versions?
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7 years ago