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Awesome, thx!
in Macro Continuous Loop
1 year ago
Thanks Andrew, I’ll give it a shot. I appreciate the follow-up.
in Macro Continuous Loop
3 years ago
Thanks Andrew! I did notice the update in the 5.6.0 Release Notes. Much appreciated!
in Macro Continuous Loop
4 years ago
Hi Andrew. Thanks for the response. I am using a loop to repeat repetitive tasks. I attempted a workaround where I created the repeating task once and copy/pasted the macro recording over and over again in the editor window. However, I ran into a roadblock where the editor wouldn't allow me to paste the macro after a certain number of characters were entered. I have attached the example I am referring to where I was able to repeat the macro 13 times via copy/paste (each loop separated by a new paragraph), but when I attempted to paste the 14th, it was truncated. I am looking to be able to repeat the task 50-100 times.
in Macro Continuous Loop
4 years ago