Sync options and keywords between computers

Hi Andrew,

Just purchased the PRO option :-)It would be great to be able to sync (either all, or selectively) keywords between computers.

At the moment I'm relying on a 'portable' install to a OneDrive folder, but it's less than optimal...


.. Ken



Andrew Langford   7 years ago

Hi Ken,

I'm actuallly working on this right now. In addition to syncing keywords across machines, you will be able to log into the website and view your keywords, notes, text functions, and more. This will let you view your settings from your phone, tablet, or any device.

This is a fairly large change, so it's still a few months out, but it is the next major change for Keybreeze. All Pro users will be able to use this functionality.

Stay tuned for updates.



rogermcmanus   6 years ago
I see that I just asked the same question. (I had not seen/found this one before i asked). Andrew, have you gotten to this item yet? Roger