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Time Calculations
Hello,  I was wondering if there is a way to perform time calculations such as {time} + 4 hours or whatever. Or if there was a way to do something like {timenow} UTC and know what ever time zone is being requested....
Created 1 year ago by jhoule8091 in Feature Requests

Reminders on Week Days
Could you program Reminders to be set for week days only? or choose any of the seven days with a check box? Thanks, Steve...
Created 2 years ago by stfuqua in Feature Requests

opening Windows 10 Store Apps
i thnik this should be possible without creating a new shortcut manually . but even when i try this i don't know what to enter. For example the "ms-clock:///" would work. but on some apps the string is not known and not easy to find out. Please cons...
Created 7 years ago by Skullner in Feature Requests

Drag file from keybreeze search result window to gmail
I sent lots of emails with attachments,  When searching for a PDF file, I'd like to be able to directly drag and drop the file to gmail window. not necesarily have to open the file folder first, and then drag it to gmail.   Ruben Orozco...
Created 7 years ago by ororuben in Feature Requests

Ability to specify a 'start in' folder
It would really help to be able to specify a 'start in' or 'working' folder. Like the option available in the properties of a windows shortcut. The use case I have is running portable bit (c:\path\to\portable\git-bash.exe) which works but alway...
Created 7 years ago by Ken Hughes in Feature Requests

Sync options and keywords between computers
Hi Andrew, Just purchased the PRO option :-)It would be great to be able to sync (either all, or selectively) keywords between computers. At the moment I'm relying on a 'portable' install to a OneDrive folder, but it's less than optimal...   ...
Created 7 years ago by Ken Hughes in Feature Requests

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view the tutorial again?

How do I add keywords or configure settings?

  • Press the hotkey and type one of these:
    add, list, options, help, note, export entries, import entries. To edit an entry, click it or press Ctrl + M while you are typing.

Where are my settings stored, or how do I transfer settings to another machine?