Comments in Macros

Is there a way to add comments into the Macro code without affecting the Macro's function? For example, similar to preceding text with an 'apostrophe' in Excel VBA. 


Andrew Langford   1 year ago

Unfortunately it's not possible to add comments in macros, but I do think this would be a good enhancement. I'll work on this for the next version.

Andrew Langford   10 months ago

Actually, while I was working on this, I discovered that it is possible to include comments in macros. Just include the text outside of the commands, and it shouldn't affect the playback of the macro.

cditomaso   10 months ago
Thanks Andrew, I’ll give it a shot. I appreciate the follow-up.
BigChuckMeister   5 months ago
a sort of add-on question to this ... I used to use WordPerfect way back in the day and macros allowed the previously mentioned feature by simply typing [Comment]______~ and my add-on is, it was able to pause and wait for user input until the [enter] key was pressed and also sound a [bell] so you knew the macro was waiting for your input (something like this [comment]pause for user input~ [notify bell][pause] is any of the rest of this an option? I'm wondering if I've missed it somewhere. Thanks in Advance. :)