When installing a new version, all of your existing settings will be retained.

5.7.0 Release Notes

Released May 23, 2021.

Download version 5.7.0 (newest version)
Algorithms for file verification: SHA1: 23ff2b08a1b60eb82b2a3b12a45a6f0a72f3da0a, MD5: 7d26d84ad3173799ad03e1bcb50c0dd0

5.6.0 Release Notes

Released May 31, 2020.

Download version 5.6.0 (old version; not recommended)
Algorithms for file verification: SHA1: CE9802226CB3EF9C0DDF13E095E99527D50D56F2, MD5: A76FAF9DD876EC827638E078C9F14AE5

5.5.3 Release Notes

Released December 16, 2017.

Download version 5.5.3 (old version; not recommended)

5.5.2 Release Notes

Released November 11, 2017.

Download version 5.5.2 (old version; not recommended)

5.5.0 Release Notes

Released October 22, 2017.

Download version 5.5.0 (old version; not recommended)

5.1.1 Release Notes

Released February 12, 2017.

Download version 5.1.1 (old version; not recommended)

5.1.0 Release Notes

Released January 27, 2017.

Keybreeze includes a free version and a Pro version. See the differences here, or read below for the technical details.

All versions: Pro version:
Free version limitations:
When you download Keybreeze, a trial version of Keybreeze Pro will be active for 60 days. Once this expires, you can continue using the free version of Keybreeze indefinitely, or you can activate Keybreeze Pro to use the Pro features.

Download version 5.1.0 (old version; not recommended)

5.0.4 Release Notes

Released June 19, 2016.

Download version 5.0.4 (old version; not recommended)

5.0.3 Release Notes

Released April 17, 2016.

Download version 5.0.3 (old version; not recommended)

5.0.2 Release Notes

Released March 21, 2016.

Download version 5.0.2 (old version; not recommended)

5.0.1 Release Notes

Released March 11, 2016.

Download version 5.0.1 (old version; not recommended)

5.0.0 Release Notes

Released March 7, 2016

Download version 5.0.0 (old version; not recommended)