Set Window Size

In an older version of Keybreeze that I used on my XP machine, I was able to set the window size of any application. I really appreciated that function, but it isn't available in version 4, which I am currently using. Is it availabe in the latest version, or not?  


Andrew Langford   7 years ago

It's not currently available, but it will be in the next version, which will come out in July. 

Kelltic   7 years ago
Thanks. I'll be watching for it. Of all my little helpful software, I've always loved Keybreeze the most. And while I'm here, I'd like to ask another question. I liked the original way of looking for something online, typing an s first. In my current version, no s is required, so whenever I make a typo, my browser pops up and I never know where I will be taken, maybe someplace I'd never want to go. :) Is that true of later versions?
Andrew Langford   7 years ago
You can configure that by typing options as a keyword. One of the settings is what to do when an unrecognized entry is typed. You can configure it to return an error instead of searching the web. The s option still works as well, and that can be configured by typing "add" as a keyword and going to Letter Commands.
Kelltic   7 years ago

I have it set to Display Error. Unfortunately that is not what happens. Autoindex doesn't work either. However, I don't care about using that function.

Andrew Langford   7 years ago
Which version are you using? I'm using 5.1.1, and after I opened the Options window and specified "Show error" for the unrecognized command setting, if I type any phrase that is not recognized and press Enter, it displays a message box saying that it was not recognized. Regarding Autoindex, if you open the Options window and click that tab, try checking 'Index on demand' for the Desktop or any other folder. Then create a text file at that location with a unique name. When you press the hotkey and start typing that name, Keybreeze should find it. If this isn't working, please try updating to the latest version.
Kelltic   7 years ago

I understand that  your Keybreeze responds differently than mine does to an unrecognized command. I am using Keybreeze 4, which on my system opens the browser - in spite of it being set to return an error - and tries to find a matching url. I just have to be more careful. :)

As for Autoindex. I deliberately turned it off because it didn't work and gave me these two errors:

1st a StreamWriter error: Unhandled exception has occured yaddah, yaddah . . . The process cannot access the file 'C:\Users\Kelly\AppData\Roaming\Keybreeze4\autoindex\files.txt' because it is being used by another process.

2nd a Keybreeze error: Keybreeze was unable to open the file, C:\Users\Kelly\AppData\Roaming\Keybreeze4\autoindex\files.txt, for writing. Please make sure that you have read and write permission in Windows for this directory. I did and do have read and write permissions.

I am not really concerned about the Autoindex function. I only included the information because I thought it might be helpful to you. I much prefer to use the keyword method for everything. That way is quick and does not produce a great long list. It just pops up the exact folder, file, item, or function that I need at the moment. It took me a long while to get Keybreeze to function as well as it does on this system. I have made no attempt to try a newer version because I'm afraid of encountering problems again.  A good reason to tempt fate, however, would be the ability to size windows again. When July comes around, I'll be downloading the new Keybreeze.

Thanks for your help.

Andrew Langford   6 years ago
The ability to change window sizes and positions has been added to version 5.5. This version has been posted on the Downloads page.
Kelltic   6 years ago
I installed the 5.5 version to my other computer. However, I am lost trying to set the size and position of windows. I can't find the function in the app, and I can't find information on how to do it. There used to be some kind of help file online, but I can't find that either.