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Can't install Keybreeze Macro Recorder
When trying to install Keybreeze Macro Recorder I get the following message: at KeybreezeMacroEditor.frmMain..ctor(String temp_parameters) at KeybreezeMacroEditor.Program.Main(String[] args) Any idea what's wrong?  ...
Created 4 years ago by PBradac in Bugs

Quicktab - Double letter with Outlook/Access
Hey Andrew - The Quicktab feature using   hotkey + first 2 letters + hotkey   works for whatever is in the taskbar except for Microsoft Outlook or Access.  I'm currently using 2010 (at least for the remainder of this year) an...
Modified 5 years ago by ecarr in Bugs

Macro - "type text" doesn't work with repeated letters
If I make a macro that includes a double letter (eg "letter") with the "type text" command, the doubled letter only shows up once.  EG I set up this macro:  <type text="blue green yellow aaa bbbb ccccc"> The result is "orange blue ...
Created 6 years ago by jah in Bugs

Type command in macro
Happy New Year Every which way I can the macro will not output text. Tested in Notepad and tested in a browser. Just. Won't. Work. If it does I will update this post but very frustrating right now. I thought this was an issue of not upgrading but...
Modified 6 years ago by gcommand in Bugs

Will not launch URLs
Actually v5.5.2, but not available in the dropdown... None of my URLs will launch.  It opens the default browser, but does not launch a URL.  Nothing.  All my commands used to work just fine, then stopped. Bug?  ...
Modified 6 years ago by Jeffrey Herr in Bugs

Always uses default browser
Even after unchecking the "Use default browser" setting and changing to point to Chrome, HotKey + text + Shift always launches a search in my default browser. I've tried a number of combinations, and I cannot get it to recognize my desire to use Chr...
Created 6 years ago by Jeffrey Herr in Bugs

Keybreeze Will NOT start on boot/reboot! Fails to add registry item
Hello, Please see the video here: Keybreeze is working just fine on my Win Pro destop with Win10 Pre-Anniversary edition. Right now, I have to...
Created 7 years ago by Mark in Bugs

Enter Key registers for Keybreeze and then for whatever program was active right before Keybreeze was activated
If I'm watching a video in YouTube and then bring up keybreeze with a shortcut and then type in what I want to type in and press enter, the video will pause because the enter key registers for keybreeze AND the program that was active right before ke...
Created 7 years ago by Daniel in Bugs

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