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Can't install Keybreeze Macro Recorder
When trying to install Keybreeze Macro Recorder I get the following message: at KeybreezeMacroEditor.frmMain..ctor(String temp_parameters) at KeybreezeMacroEditor.Program.Main(String[] args) Any idea what's wrong?  ...
Created 1 day ago by PBradac in Bugs

Outlook Email Address Converter
When copying email addresses from Outlook, the copied text has a format similar to this: "John Doe" <>; "Steve Smith" <> This email address format is not recognized in many applications. When p...
Created 2 days ago by Andrew Langford in Extensions

Jim Ward
Can I add a Windows App to Keybreeze?...
Created 6 months ago by Jim Ward in Questions

Open Keybreeze
I upgraded KB, but after I activated it, and then as per your instructions, attempted to close and reopen it, I couldn't. The program closed, but now it will not reopen. The app icon is still in the app list under the start button, but when I click i...
Created 8 months ago by Jim Ward in Questions

Transaction ID: 8W340232UU8216349
I have purchased KB, but when I try to conclude the process, your site tells me I have not purchased the program. Following is my PayPal receipt. May 6, 2019 Keybreeze LLC -negative $20.00 Payment Paid with VISA&n...
Created 8 months ago by Jim Ward in Questions

Quicktab - Double letter with Outlook/Access
Hey Andrew - The Quicktab feature using   hotkey + first 2 letters + hotkey   works for whatever is in the taskbar except for Microsoft Outlook or Access.  I'm currently using 2010 (at least for the remainder of this year) an...
Modified 1 year ago by ecarr in Bugs

Does KeyBreeze support Environment Variables?
I just started using the sync feature and was going to change some paths to environment variables so that the entries will work on both machines....
Created 1 year ago by cford in Questions

Macro - "type text" doesn't work with repeated letters
If I make a macro that includes a double letter (eg "letter") with the "type text" command, the doubled letter only shows up once.  EG I set up this macro:  <type text="blue green yellow aaa bbbb ccccc"> The result is "orange blue ...
Created 1 year ago by jah in Bugs

JSON Validator and Formatter
This extension provides one of the fastest ways to validate JSON: 1. Copy a JSON string to the clipboard.2. Press the Keybreeze hotkey on your keyboard, type a keyword to launch the JSON Validator, and press Enter.3. Paste the formatted JSON in your...
Created 1 year ago by Andrew Langford in Extensions

SQL Query Formatter
This extension will beautify or prettify your SQL query. In other words, it will take an ugly query like this: SELECT * FROM (SELECT i.field1, i.field2, d.field3, p.field4, pt.field5, i.field6, p.field7, d.field8, d.field9, d.field10, d.field11, i.f...
Created 1 year ago by Andrew Langford in Extensions

Phone Number Formatter
This extension is useful if you frequently copy and paste phone numbers from an application into a softphone, and your soft phone software doesn't support special characters. This extension will automatically remove special characters, and it can aut...
Modified 1 year ago by Andrew Langford in Extensions

How to launch batch file?
so I created a batch file, but when I add to keyword to keebreeze .. and hit ok to set it.. and use the shortcut.. the dos window appears the disappears right away and nothing happens.. yet when I launch the .bat file normally it performs its ac...
Created 1 year ago by Vegeta in Questions

"Add keyword to keybreeze" in the context menu not working
Just installed Keybreeze on my Windows 10 laptop.  Selecting a file and choosing "Add keyword to keybreeze" in the context menu seems to do nothing.  What could be amiss? ...
Created 1 year ago by poboxreg in Questions

Programme Safety
Hi there, I quite like the features of this programme and have heard good reviews. However, I am concerned about how safe programme is as installing such a programme on a work machine comes with some risks, I guess. I was wondering if there are any a...
Created 1 year ago by poboxreg in Questions

Moving to a new computer
I just changed laptops after years of loading great Keybreeze shortcuts into the legacy unit.  I don't want to manually reload them.  I am hoping there is some way to merge the accounts or sync the data.  Ideas?Roger...
Created 2 years ago by rogermcmanus in Questions

Open Control Panel
How can I have Keybreeze open individual control panel items? Specifically, can it open the system control panel? Currently, it only seems to open the control panel folder, but I can't find a way to index the items in the folder. ...
Created 2 years ago by jah in Questions

Type command in macro
Happy New Year Every which way I can the macro will not output text. Tested in Notepad and tested in a browser. Just. Won't. Work. If it does I will update this post but very frustrating right now. I thought this was an issue of not upgrading but...
Modified 2 years ago by gcommand in Bugs

Control windows on your screen with QuickTab
Keybreeze lets you quickly control windows on your screen with QuickTab. It's similar to Alt + Tab, but it's faster and has way more features. QuickTab generally works best with the semicolon hotkey, but it also works well with Shift + Space. Here ar...
Modified 2 years ago by Andrew Langford in Knowledgebase

"Quotation Marks in Google Searches"
Previously i could search google with quotation marks. i.e. "John Smith" Ogden, Ut.....and get the resuts with John Smith , Ogden, Ut. Since i i uprgraded to 5,5. i will only get the search results for John.....will only get the search for the first ...
Created 2 years ago by John9x in Questions

Free Version/After 60 days
Downloaded the new 5.5 version. Was very happy with the old 4.0 version....Really not interested in all the extras with the Pro version. After the 60 day trial period what do i need to just use the free 5.5 version or revert back to 4.0. Thanks advan...
Created 2 years ago by John9x in Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view the tutorial again?

How do I add keywords or configure settings?

  • Press the hotkey and type one of these:
    add, list, options, help, note, export entries, import entries. To edit an entry, click it or press Ctrl + M while you are typing.

Where are my settings stored, or how do I transfer settings to another machine?