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I'm not that familiar with bash, so I'm thinking out loud here, but does bash support command line arguments like a Windows batch file would? I'm thinking something like this --, but instead of doing this with a batch file, you could either pass command line arguments directly to bash, or pass them to a file that would run a bash command.

Keybreeze supports dynamic command line arguments when running .exe files. As an example, you can press the hotkey, type a keyword, press a comma, and then type the command line argument that you want to pass to that application. I'm wondering if you could do this with bash to pass dynamic commands to it. If so, that would be similar to the letter command functionality of s, w, yt, etc.

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1 week ago

Hi Steve, I haven't seen that behavior before. Is it happening every time you press the hotkey? Or is it intermittent?

I would first recommend pressing the hotkey, and clicking the window if it doesn't have focus, and then typing exit as a keyword to manually close Keybreeze. Then reopen it from the Windows icon / Start button to see if it still happens after manually relaunching it.

If the issue is still there, I would recommend pressing the hotkey and typing options as a keyword. Try changing both the hotkey and the skin to something else. Then close and reopen Keybreeze again to  see if it persists.

If the issue is still there, try closing all other applications and utilities that you might have running in the taskbar and system tray. There could be another application or process that is conflicting with the focus.

If it's still happening, I would recommend backing up your settings and then performing a clean r...
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3 weeks ago

That error will occur if you are running it from outside of the Keybreeze directory. Try moving Keybreeze Macro Recorder.exe to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Keybreeze5 directory. Once it's there, try running it again.

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1 month ago
Hi Mark, this feature has been added to the build that is still being developed. I'm hoping to have it available to download in late January / early February.
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1 month ago

Hi Jim,

Yes, you can add a Windows app to Keybreeze. To do this for desktop apps, you can click the Start button and type the app's name. For example, you can type Notepad. Right-click the selection and click Open File Location. This should open a new window. You can then right-click Notepad and click 'Add keyword to Keybreeze'.

To do this for modern apps, such as Camera, the steps are a bit different. If you don't have the 'Open File Location' option mentioned above, try the following.

1. Click the Windows Start button, type Command Prompt, and press Enter.

2. Type explorer shell:AppsFolder and press Enter. This should open a new window.

3. Right-click the app and click Create shortcut. This should put the shortcut on your desktop.

4. Move the shortcut to another folder so that it doesn't stay on the Desktop. You can right-click the shortcut on the Desktop and click Cut. Then go to your Docume...
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6 months ago

I'm adding this comment for tracking purposes. Jim and I had an email conversation last week and were able to get this issue resolved. 



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8 months ago

Hi jim,

I sent you an email with a link to activate Keybreeze Pro.



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9 months ago

Interesting. I'm using Outlook 2013, and pressing hotkey + ii is bringing up Outlook on my machine. There was a known issue where QuickTab wasn't working with Windows Explorer windows, and this may have included windows for other Microsoft applications, such as Access and Outlook. However, this issue was fixed in 5.5.0:

"Fixed QuickTab so that it looks at Windows Explorer windows. This required a reference to a COM object in the c:\windows\system32\shdocvw.dll file."

Did you confirm that you are using 5.5.3? Have you tried using a more recent version of Outlook? The other possibility is that something is blocking access to the COM object above. Are you logged into the machine as an administrator? Is UAC enabled?



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1 year ago

I assume you mean creating Keybreeze keywords with targets that contain %appdata% and other similar variables. Unfortunately no, that is not supported at this time, but I think that is a great idea for an enhancement request. I will work on this for the next version.

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1 year ago
Hi Bruno, can you please try this again? I updated your account so that it supports Sync.
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1 year ago